Scouting Out A Good Cause

Scouting Out A Good Cause


Who isn’t a fan of unwavering support? You know, the type that’s free from judgments and filled with hugs. We know that we’re enamored with it. So is Scout the Golden Retriever. In fact, he’s sharing it with the PNW. Here’s more about the feel-good philosophy he’s spreading.

Introducing Scout

Meet Scout, Instagram’s favorite furry place to land after a long day of #adulting. He’s a traveling therapy dog (Golden Retriever to be exact) who’s on a mission to make the world a better place. One hug at a time.

Raised by Melissa and family after previously owning two other Goldens, Scout displayed a sweet temperament from the start. He’s even adapted to playing the role of little brother to Tosh, the family feline (can you imagine?).

Fast forward to today when Scout’s easygoing nature has lead to him becoming a Hug Fest focal point and social media pupfluencer (yes, pupfluencer).  Serendipitously enough, this comes right as pets are beginning to gain recognition as therapeutic influences.

Pets as Therapy

In recent years, the idea of pets as therapeutic influences has gained increasing attention.  And why wouldn’t this be so? After all, common sense has long whispered it to be the case. What’s new is the stamp of approval it’s being granted by society.

Here’s some science.

When you pet animals (dogs and cats for instance) it promotes the release of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin in your body, all of which can play a part in elevating your mood (

What’s more, research conducted at Green Chimneys, a treatment center for children that face social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, suggests that there are numerous other benefits to incorporating therapy dogs into social skills training for children. According to Dr. Joanna Becker, Ph.D. and principal investigator behind the aforementioned research, this includes positive outcomes like the children developing the skills necessary for engaging with peers, family members, and the larger community as a whole.

The Seattle Barkery, Buster, and Subaru of Auburn

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with the local community *and Scout* at Subaru of Auburn’s big event on October 13. It’s going to be a family affair. Scout will be on hand giving out free hugs.

Additionally, the Seattle Barkery and Buster, the dog bakery’s 60s-era-van-turned-treat-dispenser, will be in attendance.

Guests will have the opportunity to pick up delicious desserts for their favorite furry companions.

It’s going to be an amazing time.

Scout’s honor.

Note: The Seattle Barkery offers handcrafted dog treats and gourmet coffee on the go. You can find its traveling treat van Buster throughout the greater Seattle area. Thinks of it as a dogpark-chic version of meals on wheels. 

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