Rairdon Subaru LOVES Philanthropy (to the Tune of 1200 Backpacks)

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Rairdon Subaru LOVES Philanthropy (to the Tune of 1200 Backpacks)

Rairdon Subaru is big on philanthropy—especially when it involves the local Seattle area. That’s why they recently donated 1200 backpacks to local kids living below the poverty line.

Back to School is a Time for Giving

Back to school is a time for big dreams.

But sometimes big dreams could use a little help.

That’s why the Rairdon Auto Group & Hopelink teamed up for a big back to school donation this past week.

(You can catch up with Rairdon’s previous philanthropy efforts here).

So Many Backpacks 299 × 350

It was with great excitement that the team at Rairdon walked into the office to find that their order
of 1200 backpacks had been fulfilled. 

Knowing that local kids were waiting on them, they got busy stuffing the backpacks with supplies.

After the scissors, pens, glue, crayons, and rulers had found their way inside, the backpacks 
were then loaded into Ram SUVs.

The destination was none other than the *hopeful confines* of Hopelink in Kirkland.

The Hopelink-Rairdon Alliance

The Hopelink-Rairdon Alliance just makes perfect sense.

Both organizations believe in giving back,

whether it be through Hopelink’s many initiatives or the Rairdon’s Culture of Care platform.  

Founded in 1971, Hopelink has successfully provided 2,230,884 total meals and $3,367,432 in energy assistance to families who are in need.

The organization’s other efforts include financial services, housing, adult education, transportation, family development, and employment services.

Rairdon’s Culture of Care

People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care—this is the grounding belief behind Rairdon’s Culture of Care.

The company fulfills its special community of care platform through

  • Enacting community involvement and philanthropy initiatives
  • Offering a limited lifetime warranty on most all vehicles
  • Performing stellar customer service.

*Follow us on social media to see where our special Culture of Care platform will take us next
(and keep in mind that we’re always open to suggestions).*

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