Labor Day 2021 Activities & Events near Auburn

  Labor Day Weekend 2021 might be your chance for one more getaway to the lake or the mountains before the start of fall and a busy 2021 school year, but if a road trip doesn’t fit in your plan, check out some Labor Day Weekend events happening in the Auburn area. Explore the Rairdon team’s picks and start planning your Labor Day Weekend fun!  



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Auburn Veterinary Hospital's Dr. Cullom Chats with us at Rairdon's Subaru Of Auburn About Pets & COVID-19

Do you have questions about your pets & COVID-19? The good news is that we have some answers for you. We partnered with a local companion animal vet, Dr. Cullom at Auburn Veterinary Hospital, right down the street from us at Rairdon’s Subaru of Auburn, to bring you the latest information to help keep your 4-legged family members safe from COVID-19.
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Here at Subaru, our pets are such an important part of our daily lives, but they can’t necessarily tell us how they’re feeling, so Dr. Cullom gave us a few things to look for:

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